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Series and Workshops

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Fascia & Self Love
Time & Date TBD

A six week registred series designed to guide students to a more deeply loving relationship with themselves through exploration of fascia as an expression of self care. We will learn about fascia and it's relationship to the nervous system and the inner self. Using breath, interoception, and gentle longer-held floor-based postures, we will practice observing our inner landscape with the intention to cultivate our ability to find more peace and ease in our day-to-day existnace.

Week 1: Fascia - Introduction to the organ of structure

Week 2: Myofascial lines

Week 3: Fascia in motion

Week 4: Fascia and the nervous system

Week 5: Fascia & pain

Week 6: Exploring with awarenes

Yoga with Props

Nervous System Support
April 9 - May 14, 2023
TBD 2024

In this 6 week registered series, we learn about the nervous system, how it functions and how to support the health of our own nervous system through breath, meditation, movement and Yoga Nidra. Students move through this progressive series, practicing tools and texhniques for self-regulation and ongoing nervous system care.

Week 1: Overview of SNS, PNS, Vagus Nerve

Week 2: Breath and the nervous system

Week 3: Meditation, the brain, and nervous system support

Week 4: Yoga Nidra

Week 5: Restorative Yoga 

Week 6: Fascia and the nervous system

Yoga Asana

Pranayama - Vital Life Force - Breath
Currently in Development

In this 6 week registered series, students are led through an experiential exploration of pranayama - our vital life force. We 

will learn about the anatomy and mechanics of breath while we explore evidence based tools and techniques to harness it's power and improve our overall heath using our breath as a tool.

more details to come......

Kundalini Yoga Breathing
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